Training course

Football is a team sport due to single performances.
These single performances of each individual football player, can be analyzed looking and studying the interaction of 4 main areas:

  • Phisical Area
  • Technical Area
  • Tactical Area
  • Psychological Area
The performance of the single, that influences of course the team is due to the harmony of these 4 areas.
So, a weakness of one area of the system can determine the weakness of the all system.

Today, in football, the Psychological Area is more overlooked than the others, but a scientific research of the British Psycology Society (2004) says that the mental training can improve the sport performance until 57%.
And the football coach?
The Football Coach is a crucial figure, is the one who leads the football players and the team until the achievement of the objectives, and this is not a easy job, it needs that he has to be able to mix the phisical, technical, tactical and psychlogical qualities of his players.
He must be the FIRST to have a good Psychological and Mental Traning, and so, in this way, he can transfer constantly this mentality to his football players.

To be a Winning.


The course gives to the participants the theoretic-practice knowledge, general and specific about the management of the mental and psychological variables during the sport activity, to optimize and increase the learning of the technical-tactical teaching, the self-efficacy and the self-esteem, to face up to the mental positions of the football players old or young as they are, or to face up to a parent that doesn’t know the sport dynamics.
Moreover the Course contains the best PRACTICAL PROTOCOLS in circulation of Sports Psychology to enhance performance as a coach.
The whole aiming to the excellence of the football coach.


The Course gives an innovative training and relating to those who want to learn the better techniques to excel as a Football Coach and to have a high performance.

  • Increase the Motivation
  • Winning Attitude
  • Flow State and Excellent Performance
  • 4 secrets to have High Performance during training
  • How activate a High Performance state
  • Limiting and Developing beliefes
  • Verbal packages
  • Excercitations e Practice Simulations
  • Psychopedagogy in the kids’ football school
  • Psychopedagogy in the youth teams
  • Gain the Interior Awareness
  • Perceptual Positions
  • The Wall of Excellence
  • Final Exam


At the end of the course you will have the Certificate of Participation in “The Winning Football Coach”, recognized by Etrusco Formation Agency.


Please for any information about the private course for Coaches, Clubs and Academy contact Dr. Tirinnanzi to this email: corsi@allenatorevincente.it