The Winning Coach is a path with specific protocols of Sport Psychology oriented only to Professional Football Coaches with the specific PROTOCOLS of Sport Psychology, and in cooperation with my figure is aimed to increase the efficiency in the performance of the role of the Coach, and as a result the performance of the players.


  • UEFA B Coach Licence
  • Youth Coach Licence C.O.N.I. – F.I.G.C.
  • SICS Match Analyst
  • Coerver® Coaching Licence
  • Technical Director Coerver® Coaching Malesia in 2013
  • Psychologist
  • Specialization in Sport Psychology
  • Sport Psychologist in U.S. Arezzo Football Academy
  • Sport Psychologist in National Sports Institute of Malaysia in 2013
  • Collaboration with Center BodyTech Mind of A.C. Siena S.p.a., 2010-2014
  • Teacher in Schools
  • A.I.A.C. Member (Italian Footall Coaches Association)
  • A.I.P.S. Member (Italian Sport Psychologists Association)

Country: ITALY
Place and date of birth: 22 APRIL 1983
Nationality: ITALIAN
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Marital status: Married, 1 daughter
Languages: ENGLISH, ITALIAN, & GREEK (basis)



  • Languages: ENGLISH, ITALIAN, GREEK (basis)
  • Tactical organizations with and without the ball and professional match approach
  • Strong leadership qualities, able to analyze and solve problems
  • Defensive phase and movements
  • Players development
  • Preferred tactics: 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1
  • Pro-training
  • Free kicks


  • Players’ mental skills development
  • Youth academy start-up and development and working with highly technically skilled and professional environment
  • Work with Coaches and Players to increase their own performance
  • Managing the anxiety
  • Favor the complete recovery of the player due to a injury
  • Specific courses to Coaches (The Winning Coach) and Parents in youth academy
  • Work and follow many athletes of other sports (tennis, swimming, riding, etc.) to increase their own performance


  • Freelance professional Psychologist, work with adults, children and couples
  • Professional Educator in the Schools, work with children with many kinds of disabilities (ADHD, ODD, etc.)
  • Professional Educator, promoter of sports activities including football events with adults and children with physical and mental disabilities
  • Experiences with Children and Adults with physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional disabilities, mental disorders and chronic diseases

In professional football, the difficulties faced by a medical staff are mostly relational character. The various stakeholders (technical staff, players, managers, property and media) are rated by necessity to the result and this triggers tensions that sometimes favour unethical behaviour at the limit. The primary task of a staff is to protect the health of the players and to optimize its performance to achieve the best sports results. Football is basically of the players that determine it and our luck is to be with them when with great performances give us immense emotions!
After my Master in professional Sports Psychology in 2010, I did an internship in A.C. Siena, 2010-2014, where I collaborated with Dr. Zerbini Umberto, with significant experience in top professional football in MilanLab of AC Milan, Udinese, Siena and director of the Center BodyTech Mind of AC Siena. This allowed me to learn the innovative instruments and extraordinarily effective, aimed at increasing performance and managing of mental and psychological sphere own of sport performance.
I use also instruments with a software that calculates the GSR (galvanic skin response) and with particular exercices and short pc games the player could manage better his internal (autonomic nervous system) and mental status during his performances, training and matches.
From 2012 I'm the Sport Psychologist at US Arezzo FA: I have all responsibility of Youth Development of Juvenil at US Arezzo (3rd tier Lega Pro). I work daily and close to 18 coaches (to improve team communication, leadership, cohesion, concentration, to create an optimum team climate, to manage stress and anxiety), and over 300 players from U6 to U18 Team (following them in their mental and psychological development applicable to football).
As Sports Psychologist I've introduced systems for the evaluation of the mental state of the individual and the group of players through the use of relevant instruments and protocols extraordinarily innovative, most of them learned during my internship in A.C. Siena. In particular, the daily search of the existing balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic system and performing tests of attention and concentration, allows to evaluate every day the degree of mental well-being and for regular technical training and physical loads.
I firmly believe in the youth development, young athletes are the future, which is why my work is both with the first team, both with the youth teams.