Testimonials of the Course "The Winning Coach"

Dr. Paolo Tirinnanzi, thanks again for the beautiful experience I had yesterday, I hope to put in place a few tips regarding all that encloses the psychological management of my guys ........ 11 ethnic groups, religions 4 and 6 languages is an experience that is worth triple.
Claudio P.

I think that the course was very useful and especially important for growth but also as a coach and as a person ... coaches are not born but becomes and more knowledge, also from the psychological point of view, appear to be indispensable, especially because we are dealing with athletes, individuals and personalities, different and unique. A further study in this aspect appears to be important in my opinion ... thank you!
Carlo M.

After the course I always have with me in the folder of workouts the famous sheet with 10 points I repeated every day (almost) in front of the mirror for three months! It was really help, at first it was hard to do, my mind was against it, but now I have to say that the approach to girls is different, I'm closer to the psychological sphere, I always try to think in the 2nd or 3rd person to find solutions to problems.
Roberto T.


Head Coach

Football Player